Friday, June 20, 2008

Tapestry workshop

I have finally started to weave my sand pail tapestry. I was lucky enough to have my husband look after the kids for two days, and I was lucky enough to take a workshop with Joan Griffin. I loaded up my Shannock in the back of the kid/dogwagon and hauled it to Joan’s house. I spent two days weaving with four other women from around the area.

The first day I didn’t seem to make much progress. I was in dire angst about whether or not I should include hatching in the piece. I did a bit of it, but I was stressing out trying to get my wefts to “meet and separate” in the same shed. That was causing me no end of grief. I finally decided to just go with the piece as I had drawn it and not to include hatching in this piece. Then, the weaving began to go much faster. I left having gotten almost two inches woven. This photo was taken a couple of days ago.

Of course, since then I have hardly had any time to weave. My kids are at camp this week, but by the time I get them there, get back here, work my horse, look after my setting hen (keep your fingers crossed for us, hopefully we'll have some chicks in a month) and the other chickens, and get a drink, I have about 20 minutes to weave, so much for my goal of getting this tapestry done my July 1. Goals are good though.

Now, I have to come up with my piece for my fiber arts group, medusa and warmth, hmmm, medusa and warmth….

Today, my husband just loaded up the car with the kids to take them to a driving range and there is a birthday party this afternoon. Now, if I can get off this computer and stop looking at everyone else's blog I can get some weaving done. Yeah! I did get an afternoon of weaving and feel I made some real progress. Here is the latest view of the sandpail project. I have about 3 vertical inches woven, only 11 more to go! (This tapestry is to measure 12x14 ".)


K Spoering said...

Isn't it a bummer when life keeps interfering with weaving? This is looking good though! (I confess that I get little weaving done in the summer months - to much Life happening!)

J. Austin - said...

Enjoying the blog. The sand pail tapestry was off to a good start in June, here's hoping the fall will bring you some weaving time.

Just so you know, my 2000 Saab wagon is still driving, almost 2000 miles since the little incident near Boston. Don't know if I can give it up, but it's tempting!