Sunday, November 9, 2008

Time flies when you have children....

What has happened to the last five months? I posted at the end of June, and boom, here it is November already. I haven't seem to have gotten much art work done in that time. The kids were home most of the summer, with a few smatterings of camp, but by the time I dropped one off at one camp, then dropped the other one off, I would have an hour or so to do a little something before picking up the first one again.

I should be sorting through photos for an art project for a class I am taking on creativity. But, I decided to update this blog since it so woefully out of date. I have been riding my horse up until a week ago when my daughter came down with the flu, the car needed to have major repairs (this is the first and last Saab we will own--although I do like having a station wagon rather than a big SUV gas hog. I get good mileage, but where have all the station wagons gone?), and now I am suffering from a sore throat, hoarseness and a cough. I am not sure whether I picked this up from my daughter or my husband, but in any case, I don't really feel up to riding right now. Plus, my husband is really busy at work, which leaves me spending more time trying to keep things going here. Is there anyone out there who can really get stuff done? I feel as though I let so many things slide, the leaves are abundant in the yard, our horse fields are a wreck, the winter chicken coop is still not built, my weaving is slow, my painting is non-existent, and I have a dozen projects in my head I want to get to before Christmas. Then I still have the volunteer stuff to do at two different schools. Yes I know, whine, whine, whine, but I have to say when I woke up this morning, I listened to my children having a discussion on whether it was better to be eaten by a shark or a lion, and then headed to the kitchen to make themselves breakfast. This was indeed a first for them, letting mom sleep. I am lucky to be home with my kids and to even have some time to make art.

I have made some small progress on my sandpail weaving as you can see. I am almost ready to start weaving the sandpail and not just golden sand. In the meantime, I am trying to complete a second weaving of "Winged Rain" to submit to the ATA Small Connections exhibit. I have about 9 square inches more to weave. I have been weaving on that one some at night, but the last three nights I have vegged out in front of the TV sniffling, coughing, and generally groaning over my sore throat.

I hope I will have some more progress to show in the next few weeks....

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K Spoering said...

Ooh, I've had that miserable cold! Hope you're feeling better.
I also have about the same amount to weave on a small tapestry. Let's both sit in front of old movies with hot tea and piles of yarn at our sides and get these suckers done this week!