Friday, January 15, 2010

A blog hiatus

I have been taking a hiatus from this blog because after ten years living in a 1960's ranch house with our two children sharing a tiny bedroom crammed with two beds, we decided to renovate. We moved out and basically gutted the house. Gone are the black asbestos tile floors (okay, not gone, just well covered and hidden (the right thing to do for us and the environment)), gone are the faux gold and brown and white marble laminate countertops, gone is the double kitchen sink in the bathroom that I bathed the kids in for so long until they got too big to fit, gone are the brown speckled flooring in the kitchen and hallway, gone are the white painted fake panelling everywhere in the house, and gone are the decrepit acoustic tile on the ceiling.

We have lightened up the house with white paint, bamboo flooring and real white marble from Vermont. It sounds rather shallow when looking at the troubles in this world, but to live in a place of light and beauty makes me feel better. I love waking to the a clean white ceiling rather than the water stained acoustic tile, and looking out our beautiful picture window on our farm. One of the most exciting things that happened was that I got my own small studio space. I have had my stuff strewn in our crowded little office and in the kids play stuff. Now I have my own space where it is all "neatly" stored and easily accessible and best of all, I can get in start projects and not have to clean them up in mid-stream.

While the construction was going on, we lived in a house with no high speed connection. Dial-up and blogging was just too frustrating, so I gave it up for a while. Now I will start adding posts again, and showing just a few things that I have finished over the past few months....


Threads of Inspiration said...

Susan, this is fabulous. I didn't know you were back in your home and what a great thing to have a studio space. I've vowed to be a more regular blogger too. I'll be checking in to see what you are up to.

Jennifer said...

Oh - I know how that feels. Renovations on the house just call for giving some things up. We are in the middle of 15 years of working on hours and hope this last effort on the kitchen is the last. Looking forward to seeing what youve' done!