Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A messy Sunday with my daughter...

A couple of months ago, my son went off to work with my husband, and my daughter and I were left to figure out how to spend a yucky day at home.  She said she wanted to make something.  I happened to have the book Felt Wee Folks out of the library at the time.  This is such a great book for making fairies, knights, and little bags like the one below.  Linden picked out a pattern, and we got to stitching.  She picked out embellishments and stitched some of it herself (asking a 6 year old to stick with it until the finish is a bit hard).  I just used the felt that I had on-hand, so it is acrylic and not wool.  I just haven't gotten around to ordering a bunch of wool felt, so expensive.  Anyway, it was a fun project.  Linden and I had fun making it, and she feels the pride of making something herself.   I think it turned out great for a little girl's bag,  maybe even for a big girl, too.

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