Saturday, January 16, 2010

Valentine Crafts

Every year Valentine's sneaks up on me and the kids and I scramble trying to think about what to make for Valentine gifts. For some reason this year I got a major inspiration. My daughter, who is six, wanted to sew something. At six, her sewing skills are not many, but I have a stash of buttons, felted wool sweaters and old ribbons. I had a flash of inspiration, and what we decided to do was to make heart book marks. We cut or rather I cut the hearts out of two old sweaters, and I cut the ribbons, my daughter is choosing and sewing on buttons that attach the ribbons to the felted hearts. She is inspired and excited that she can do the sewing on her own and that she is making something special. Here is a quick look at two of the ones she has made so far...

The ribbon on the left is one from Laura Foster Nicholson.  I bought a grab bag from her of ends.  The ribbons are lovely, and I have just really started to use some of them now.

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Threads of Inspiration said...

Susan, I decided to see if you have added any more posts and I see I have a lot of reading to catch up on! I love Laura Foster Nicholsons ribbons. I have a few myself and unfortunatly I tend to not want to use things I think are that lovely...maybe I will...someday.