Thursday, March 18, 2010

Sewing Bag Full of Memories

After my mother died, my sister and I sorted through a lifetime of my parents' "things about them" (If you love the John Wayne-Maureen O'Hara movie of the "The Quiet Man" you might remember this quote, if you haven't seen the movie you should check it out!).  My father was a basket maker in his later years and made beautiful, traditional baskets in the Shaker style. 

My mother needlepointed, sewed clothes for me and my sister, knitted, and in her later years she learned to quilt.  Among her things, I found a piece of needle point that looked quite modern. 

 I put it among my things and let it sit for a few years knowing that somehow something would come along sometime.  After carting around my knitting and embroidery in handbags to piano lessons and ballet and soccer for the last couple of years, I finally decided what I really needed was a sewing bag that had the pockets and accoutrements that would make my travels and sewing/knitting on the road easier .  I thought of the needlepoint, took it out and went to the fabric store in search of the right combination of fabrics.  Amy Butler had just the thing, that piece along with some beautiful cream jean fabric looked just right.  I had seen a lovely bag in a knitting store that I admired and had that in mind as I started my bag. I spent three days cutting out fabric and sewing this bag together. 

I made sure I had lots of storage space for my yarn, and lots of pockets for scissors, knitting needles, thread, and whatever else I might need.  I even included a pin cushion.

I have enjoyed using it, and think of my mother when I carry it with me.


K Spoering said...

What a beautiful bag, and a lovely way to use that piece of needlework. It inspires me to pull out and look again at the sewing pieces I 'inherited' from my mother-in-law. She would have loved your solution!

Goings on at the Glenn's said...

that looks so beautiful. Way to incorporate the needlework into it. Very fun!

Sachiko said...

Wow, the bag is beautifully done!

Jennifer said...

The basket and the needlepoint are wonderful - what great mementos to have! AND what a great job you did making the bag. It's wonderful to have that needlepoint wiht you wherever you go!

Threads of Inspiration said...

What a lovely bag. The print that you found is, as you said, perfect. What a nice memory bag.