Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Spring fashion projects for the younger set

I have been wanting to make something for the baby of some friends of ours.  The baby is now over a year old and I finally got around to making and finishing the project.  The turquoise is from a recycled t-shirt and the lining t-shirt fabric was in my stash leftover from other projects.  The rabbit is from Alabama Stitches, and the dress is an easy jumper pattern that I have used for my daughter for years.  This time I experimented with a bleach pen to write the word starfish all over the fabric and then used reverse applique to have the starfish swimming on the jumper.  I thought it was a fun little play dress.

I also worked on a couple of things for my daughter for spring and summer.  Here is a jacket that I made.  I bought the book Sewing Clothes Kids Love.  I love this book, and I had such fun sewing this jacket, now I think I am going to have to make myself one.  I am trying to use up the stash of fabric that I have for the sewing projects that I have bought for and not gotten around to starting/finishing.  This jacket was just so much fun to make! 

Detail of the back of the jacket.

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K Spoering said...

Cute! I would love that jacket, too! She'll be the envy of the princess set.