Thursday, March 31, 2011

Ruminations on Style

I have been struggling to find a unique voice in my artwork.  Do I have a unique style?   What does wikipedia have to say on this topic?

" refers to the aspects of the visual appearance of a work of art that relate it to other works by the same artist or one from the same period, training, location, "school" or art movement. This may involve all the elements and principles of art, and other factors, often very difficult to analyse precisely.

By changing the way they paint, apply colour, texture, perspective, or the way they see shapes and ideas, the artist establishes a certain set of "rules"..."

Hmmm, when I read this definition I think that I don't have a definite "style".  Although as I start to think of the art that I have made over the years, it pretty much has one thing in common, with the exception of two pieces done for art classes, it all represents something in nature.  No matter how hard I try to do something else, I have not produced any pieces that represent the "made" landscape of humans.  I have a few pieces that are fairly abstract, but again they are abstracted from nature and not from anything in the "made" environment.

However, it seems to me there is no defining way that I apply thread or yarn or weave.  There seems to be no unifying color scheme, I guess the only defining way I see things is often to see the little things in a big way.  I tend to overscale my views of nature.  I paint (just one piece really, and I don't really paint paintings anymore), quilt, embroider or weave things that are either the same scale or oversized so that you see details that you don't normally see.  I love to look at the inside of flowers for their defined structure, I like to look at the patterns that the waves form, I like to look closely at fauna.  Is this a style?  Who knows.  Could someone recognize my hand if I put all my somewhat disparate pieces in the same room?  Just my musings as I drive from the orthodontist to ballet to soccer back to ballet back to soccer home to feed animals back to the kitchen to cook dinner....

Does an artist have to have a style?  Is it something that is an unspoken requirement?  Will I develop more of a style as I spend more time at the loom?  I guess only time will tell.

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