Thursday, March 15, 2012

An On-time Finish

Two years ago I struggled to finish my piece for the Small Format show at the ATA (American Tapestry Alliance).   This year, I actually finished a week ahead of time, was able to ship it out without having to pay for overnight fees.  Last year, I had to call around and find more yarn, I ran out and the local yarn store that had carried it, discontinued the yarn.  Yeah! for the web.  This year, I had yarn left over.

This piece measures 9 3/4" X 9 3/4".  It is of a Pacific rockfish that swims off the coast of California in kelp beds.  I really enjoyed weaving this piece, and think it is one of my best pieces.  I used beads for the eye, and embroidered the outline of the eye.  I decided not to weave the kelp leaves in the tapestry, but make some type of quilted leaf.  In the end, I took leftover pieces of silk organza from another project, cut out the leaves, roll-stitched the hem, and then took other pieces, rolled them up and couch stitched them to the leaves to form the ridges that you see on kelp leaves.  It was a really enjoyable piece.  Hope you like it.