Friday, July 13, 2012

Instead of Weaving, Part III

Summer is in full swing.  We survived the derecho.  This was a new weather term as well as a new phenomenon for me.  About 9:30, we were hit suddenly by very high winds, which are now reported to have been about 80 mph.  The power went out, and soon it was over.  The next day we assessed the damage, and we had lost 4 big trees, one a big oak which was about 3 feet in diameter at the base of its trunk, and another tree which took out five sections of our fence.  Luckily, the field our horses were in was undamaged and the horses and chickens seemed unfazed.  We stayed at the farm for 3 1/2 days until we ran out of water, then went to a hotel (flush toilets is a good thing for an 8 year old girl, although my 11 year old son was happy to use the manure pile, or a horse stall).  We could only stay two days in a hotel, and then had to leave because they were overbooked.  Luckily, we were taken in by some friends.  Our dogs came with us, and I commuted back and forth to the farm to care for the horses, donkey and chickens.  We had to haul water at least once a day, until we found out that Southern States was hauling water for free.  Thank goodness for their kindness and generosity.  It saved a lot of work.  We still had to haul water to the fields by the bucketful, but we didn't have to pick it up first at a neighbors house.  (I have to say, the water hauling did wonders for my biceps!)  We got power back almost exactly 7 days later (about 9 pm the following Friday).  Since then we have been trying to get cleaned up.  We will have an awesome bonfire at our next party thanks to all of the limbs!

Meanwhile, I am busy driving between basketball camp, soccer camp, art camp, sewing camp, and pony camp.  Not all in the same week of course, but the kids have a smattering of camps throughout the summer.  They don't seem to have the camps at the same time, so I have had little time for weaving or other projects.  However, I have been able to spend some time one on one with each of them which doesn't happen very often.

Our new puppy Giallo has been great fun, but takes a lot of time.  My son and I are working with her to train her to do all those basic dog things:  sit, stay, come, fetch, potty outside....So, we are having a fun, full, enjoyable summer, with little time for weaving.  (don't you just love her little puppy face?)

I am now working on putting together and warping my loom for the Helena Hernmarck workshop in Minnesota.  I am so excited about it.  I have all my yarns together, and a bunch of copper pipe on my studio floor that I am putting together.  I hope to finish the loom this afternoon, and get it warped.  I will ship it to Minneapolis by mail so I don't have to hassle with checking it, and will have it shipped back.  I will give a full report of my experiences in the class.  I only have two more weeks....

Rockfish tapestry sighting

I was reading Weaving Diva's blog the other day and enjoying her photos of the ATA Small Format show, Pacific Portals, when I spotted a photograph of my tapestry which is displayed in a case at the Long Beach Public Library.  I was thrilled to see it there.

I am sorry I won't see the show in person, but it was fun to see the photographs.