Monday, March 18, 2013

A Snowy Spring

We have not had much winter here until a week ago.  We got slammed with a foot of wet, heavy snow that broke many branches and a small native plum that I planted 7 years ago.

We had four days without power.  My son was a trooper and took responsibility for keeping the fire going so we had some heat.  We lost everything in the freezer and most of what was in the refrigerator. But, the hardest part is living without running water.  It makes you appreciate hot, running water and flushing toilets.  I could live without heat and light, but living without water is tough.

Lest you think we had no fun, we took out the surfboard again and we snurfed the hills in our pasture.  My son has really improved since our last foray into snurfing (SNow sURFING).  He has gained balance and confidence and can snurf the whole hill.  

I, on the other hand, after a back injury two years ago, have become much more cautious, so I am now snurfing the bunny slope.  Ugh, age is catching up with me, no matter how fast I try to run.

Our little puppy has grown into a 55 pound girl who loves the snow, however, she does not like what it does to her hair.  I am still trying to get the mats our of her hair from the snow balls.

Just so I don't leave you with a sad puppy face, here is a happy snow photo of our girl Giallo.

Finally, to weaving, I did get my sand pail mounted and hung.  Here is a photo of it hung in our living room.  I tried all kinds of backgrounds, but ended up with a piece of wool mounted on stretcher bars with batting under it.


K Spoering said...

Our golden gets snowballs like that when we go up to the snow. I stand him on a towel and blow dry him.... But that wouldn't have worked without power, I guess. We had lots of cold and a little snow, but we're now having a very early warm spring. Too early, as I'm not wanting to do yard work yet.
Love the sand pail tapestry! It looks great mounted like that, too.

ringadal said...

Thanks for the suggestion about the hair dryer. If it comes to that again, I will try it, but this girl hates noise and I don't know if she would stand for it. Yesterday we had snow, today it is 55! Go figure. Thanks.