Monday, April 29, 2013

Preparing to Weave

Our house got hit by the flu again three weeks ago.  It had my daughter in bed for three days, up for one, and the down for another.  Then of course, a day later I had a sore throat and then I was in bed for four days, and did little but lay in bed and watch television.  Now, after two weeks, I seem to be recovering, with just a few lingering effects.  So, last week I started winding butterflies for my new tapestry.  It is a time consuming task resulting in a pile of tabby butterflies and a pile of pattern butterflies twice the thickness of the tabby butterflies, and a scattering of yarn in half my studio.  While winding the butterflies I have to agonize about the colors, the mix of colors and which will be the tabby and which will be pattern.  I have delayed starting for all the agonizing, but finally decided that I had to dig in.

I finally finished enough butterflies that I felt that it was time to start weaving.  I am weaving a red frame around this tapestry.  We have white walls, so I thought that the white peony might fade into the wall, hence the "frame".  I am glad to be weaving again.  I am looking forward to seeing how this piece develops.

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