Friday, June 28, 2013

Summer Break

Every summer I think that somehow I will arrange my life so that I can continue weaving.  However, it seems always to work out that my loom stands idle while I run around doing things around the farm and around town.  This summer is no exception.  So, I will show you a few summer photos of "What I Am Doing With My Summer".  Credits for these photographs rest with my son with the exception of the photograph of him which was taken by my husband.

Black snake wandering through the grass.

Bumblebee on lavender.

Buckeye hen who gives us a couple of eggs a week.  We get more from our younger hens.

My horse Oliver whom I try to ride every day.

My daughter, the book worm, working through one of her many books and wearing her cat ears.  She is very photo shy at the moment, so this is about as much of her face as we can get in these photos lately.

My budding photographer and fisherman extraordinaire.

Hope you are having a good summer.

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