Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Back to Weaving

After a snowy week that included a kid with the flu, then having the whole house come down with it in a range of severity from mild to severe, all are back to work and school and I must get back to weaving if I am to finish my piece for Convergence.  The snow is still with us and we got another light dusting last night, but it is melting more quickly now that the temperatures are going up into the 50's today.

In the meantime, I will share a couple of shots of the snow.  Here is my little snow muppie (a very Muppet-like, not so little 70 pound Spinone Italiano) Giallo in her element in the snow.  She is standing in the footpath we dug to get to the barn to feed horses.

Now for weaving,  I have decided to stay in the theme of fish.  At the last convergence I sent a piece I wove with a rockfish and kelp leaves.  Because our tapestry group chose the theme Virginia Blues, and I wanted to stick with the theme of fish, I decided to look for fish that were native to the state and that swam among grasses.  I dithered between bluegill and bluefish, but decided on a school of bluefish as seen through eel grass.  I since learned that eel grass is being threatened in the Chesapeake  Bay.  I also learned that it is a very important part of the Bay ecosystem in that it is a nursery for fish such as the bluegill.

Here is my start to the tapestry.  

What I see when I look at the photo, which I suspected, is that the tail is WAY too dark.  I am going to take the weaving out of the fish and work on it.  I do want them to be kind of shadow-like in the background, but they are too dark currently.

In the meantime, have a lovely day and just remember, come August when it is close to 100 degrees with 95% humidity, we will look back with fondness on these snowy winter days!  (The snow I can take, it is the swampy mud that follows that I am not so keen on.)

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