Friday, February 28, 2014

Further Progress

I have made a bit of progress on my small tapestry.  I decided to weave the bluefish as they would be seen from underwater, just a bit like shadows passing in the distance.  I have approximately 6 1/2 inches finished on a 10 inch tapestry.

I will be making eel grass leaves from silk organza to sew onto the tapestry.  Here is one of the photographs I used for inspiration.

The fish in this photograph are not bluefish, but I did learn that bluefish are often seen near the eel grass and can use it as a nursery.

One thing that has really helped me crank on my weaving for this tapestry has been Craftlit.  I have to say that I did not know about this service until I read My Lift is But a Tapestry's blog post.  What fun it is to listen to a book while weaving.  I have tried this before with books on cd, but never found any at the library that I actually liked listening to.  I LOVE Heather Ordover's podcasts.  I have been listening to Jane Eyre, a book that I love and haven't read since I was a teenager.   It is fun to return to the book and listen to Heather's comments on the book, the Bronte's, and life in general.  If you haven't tried them, go on over to Craftlit and check it out.  They have a lot of classics on podcasts and also interviews of knitters and others which you can skip if you are not interested, but I have learned all kinds of interesting things through the interviews, such as why you want to use Eucalon to wash your knits and lingerie with.

Now, back to Jane Eyre and weaving....

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