Monday, October 26, 2015

Is There Any Hope?

I "finished" my peony tapestry.  I say finished, but I feel like I am not finished with it.  First of all, even if all was as I had hoped, then it still needs to be blocked, the ends trimmed, and the seams for the woven frame sewn to the main tapestry.  However, I am VERY UNHAPPY with this tapestry.  It really doesn't look like a peony at all.

I am trying to decide how much time and effort to put into trying to fix this tapestry, versus just putting it away and saying well here is what I did right, and here is where it went wrong, and then packing it away as a major learning experience.  Not all, okay, none of my tapestries turn out the way I envision them in my head, but at least I tend to like them.  This one, I can't say I like it, even a smidgeon.  I think the main issue is that the grey shadows are way too dark, and the middle just looks a bunch of red blobby stitches.

I really don't think there is much hope for this mess, but I may still try and salvage it this week before I completely give up.  Helena Hernmarck's tapestry method does allow for sewing in some new stitches.  I might be able to add some more white highlights in a way that will make this grey blobby mess look more like flower pedals.

I do like the red frame that I wove for it.  In the meantime, I have a few minor adjustments to make on the portrait of my daughter.  Her tapestry came off the loom at the same time as the peony.  It has been on there for a while.  The weaving on her face needs a few minor adjustments as does the beret, but I am far happier with the outcome.  Maybe my hopes for submitting these to the ATA biennial are done for, but we'll see as I try and salvage both of them this week.

Here is hoping your weavings are going more successfully.

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